Watch 0322. Master Ninja (BONUS)

Watch 0322. Master Ninja (BONUS)

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0322. Master Ninja (BONUS)

The #BroughtBackMST3K Bonus Collection: Deluxe Edition – 1h 37m

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  • 0324. Master Ninja II (BONUS)

    The ongoing adventures of the aging American ninja in search of his long-lost daughter do, in fact, go on . . . and so does the derisive discourse of our MST3K team of “expert”commentators!

  • 0516. Alien from L.A. (BONUS)

    Several supermodels have proved that acting is more than skin deep, but Kathy Ireland is not one of them. In this 1980s twist on Journey To The Center Of The Earth, she plays an awkward teen in search of her missing archaeologist father, only to stumble into a deeply underground civilization unaw...

  • 0511. Gunslinger (BONUS)

    The widow of a murdered sheriff attempts to clean up the crime in her small town with help from the man hired to kill her.