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15 Videos

  • 1101. Reptilicus

    Jonah Heston is shanghaied during a space mission by Kinga, Dr. Forrester’s ambitious daughter. Jonah does a major redesign on Gypsy. Tom Servo and Crow settle in with Jonah as they riff on Reptilicus!

  • 1102. Cry Wilderness

    Pearl Forrester, Bobo and Brain Guy pay an awkward visit to Moon 13 revealing fractured family dynamics. Jonah starts working on a space suit. Special guest stars Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl. Jonah and the bots riff on Cry Wilderness.

  • 1103. The Time Travelers

    Jonah introduces a series of new robots to Tom and Crow with unexpected results. The Satellite of Love receives visitors Larry (series creator, Joel Hodgson) and Dr. Varno (head writer, Elliott Kalan). Jonah and the bots riff on The Time Travelers. Kinga and Max celebrate the 200th episode of MST3K.

  • 1104. Avalanche

    Max ruefully considers his affection for Kinga while she openly declares her love for online soul mate, Neville LaRoy (Neil Patrick Harris). Together they sing the hit song, “Our Love is On Wings (You Can’t See).” Jonah and the bots riff on Rock Hudson’s Avalanche.

  • 1105. The Beast of Hollow Mountain

    Crow and Tom don mysterious costumes inspired by the film and perform an unnerving parade. Jonah and the bots discuss how other popular movies could benefit from dinosaur attacks. Jonah and bots riff on The Beast of Hollow Mountain.

  • 1106. Starcrash

    Kinga and Max pitch several money-making ideas to big-time space venture capitalist, Freak Masterstroke (Jerry Seinfeld). The bots obsess over their newfound-devotion to Starcrash character, Akton. Jonah and the bots riff on Starcrash.

  • 1107. The Land that Time Forgot

    Jonah and the bots realize the Mads have been stealing their ideas for Invention Exchanges. The Satellite of Love attracts a giant space squid, and Kinga and Max debut a promotional ad for their new venture, Dinosaur BBQ. Jonah and the bots riff on The Land that Time Forgot.

  • 1108. The Loves of Hercules

    The bots subject Jonah to a Herculean trial as the defendant in “Court of Axe Appeal.” When Jonah introduces another new bot, M. Waverly, Tom and Crow make their feelings known. Jonah and the bots riff on The Loves of Hercules.

  • 1109. Yongary

    The Mads invest heavily in a new brand of coffee by a rising entrepreneur named Todd Hitler. Jonah breaks down for Crow how to properly create a mix tape for listening to on space trips. Jonah and the bots riff on Yongary.

  • 1110. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

    Max finds a mysterious key that unlocks a gigantic, powerful robot he befriends and names Reptilicus Metallicus. Jonah sings a poignant song to Tom Servo illustrating the responsibility of magic powers. Jonah and the bots riff on Wizards of the Lost Kingdom.

  • 1111. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

    Kinga seeks advice from Gramma Pearl (Mary Jo Pehl) but is rejected, and instead has to settle for Pearl’s clone, Synthia (Rebecca Hanson). Kinga’s new liquid medium, Kinga Chrome, continues to misfire, while Jonah creates a training video with the bots for a grille and inn franchise. Guest starr...

  • 1112. Carnival Magic

    Jonah and the bots are visited by the great space circus ring master, P.T. Mindslap (Mark Hamill), who wants to recruit the bots for his circus. A glitch in Kinga Chrome reveals a strange specter of another host with the bots. Jonah and the bots riff Carnival Magic.

  • 1113. The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t

    Kinga has decided to marry Jonah as a ratings stunt and asks Pearl to give her away. Jonah puts the finishing touches on his space suit. Guest starring series creator, Joel Hodgson as Santa and head writer, Elliott Kalan, as Mr. Whipple. Also guest starring are Bill Corbett, Rebecca Hanson, Kevin...

  • 1114. At the Earth’s Core

    It is Kinga’s wedding day and she coerces the Manager of the Hive Mind to fill the seats at Moon 13 with guests. Max, disheartened, receives a manly pep talk from Doug McClure (Joel McHale). An unexpected guest officiates the wedding. Guest starring Paul Chaplin, Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, Mary ...

  • Post-Screening Q&A w/ Joel and the Cast

    Following the advance streaming screening of EXPERIMENT 1101 on April 9, 2017, Joel and the cast spent an hour answering backer questions.

    If you missed it – or just want to see it again – it will remain available here as part of your backer rewards!

  • ALBUM: "The New Themes of MST3K"

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