MST3K: The Gauntlet

MST3K: The Gauntlet


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MST3K: The Gauntlet

6 Videos

  • 1201. Mac & Me

    Jonah may have survived his run-in with Reptilicus Metalicus, but can he survive Kinga’s newest innovation... The Gauntlet?!!? The experiment kicks off with an outer-space rip-off that brings the hurt.

  • 1202. Atlantic Rim

    The Mads demand Jonah and the bots attempt to deliver a catchy, viral, musical sensation during this clunky sci-fi blockbuster knock-off. Meanwhile, someone has broken into the Gizmonic Institute...

  • 1203. Lords of the Deep

    Down on Moon 13, some classified documents are discovered, and B-movie monster expert Dr. Donna St. Phibes visits with some educational materials to enrich an undersea stinker of a movie.

  • 1204. The Day Time Ended

    Jonah and the bots are halfway through Kinga’s ultimate movie riffing experiment. The deep hurting of The
    Gauntlet continues with a seemingly endless sci-fi flick while a long-lost family friend pays a visit to Kinga and Max with some startling information. And Ardy has a new pet!

  • 1205. Killer Fish

    Synthia, Ardy, and Bonesy are on the hunt for the song “Idiot Control Now” and a way to play it. Meanwhile, Jonah and the bots are forced to sit through a disaster movie that is exactly that.

  • 1206. Ator: The Fighting Eagle

    There may only be one film left in The Gauntlet, but that hasn’t stopped Kinga from planning a diabolical new
    live tour on Earth! Will she finally break Jonah and his robot pals? What mysteries await on planet Mearth? How did a bear get on the SOL?! One thing’s for sure ... “It stinks!”