105. The Corpse Vanishes

105. The Corpse Vanishes

To treat his wife’s rapid premature aging, Dr. Lorenz (Bela Lugosi) must regularly inject her with fluid taken from the glands of young virgin brides on their wedding day. But when an investigative journalist uncovers the secret of the poisonous corsages used to subdue the mad scientist’s victims and recruits the aid of a local physician, Dr. Lorenz’s sinister scheme — as well as his wife — may be finished!

Season 1, Episode 5
Original Airdate: December 9, 1989

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105. The Corpse Vanishes

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  • 0105. The Corpse Vanishes

    In the theater, Joel and the Bots get the third installment of "Radar Men from the Moon" before the Bela Lugosi film "The Corpse Vanishes".