902. The Phantom Planet

902. The Phantom Planet

In this “futuristic” tale set in the year 1980, US astronaut Captain Frank Chapman survives a run-in with a slew of asteroids. When the military spaceship lands on the asteroid Rheton, he quickly becomes involved with day-to-day life – but soon the Solarite armada threatens the miniature inhabitants’ existence, and Chapman must help fend off the invasion and save the beautiful Zetha! Meanwhile, Mike and Tom Servo attempt to strike a balance between the Good and the Beautiful, and the Bots organize an “Andy Rooney-Off,” judged by Gypsy.

Season 9, Episode 2
Original Airdate: March 21, 1998

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902. The Phantom Planet

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  • 0902. The Phantom Planet

    When US astronaut Captain Frank Chapman’s military spaceship is damaged by asteroids, he lands safely on the giant asteroid Rheton. But soon the Solarite armada threatens the inhabitants’ existence, and he must help save the beautiful Zetha!